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CASE STUDY 30 Posts in 10 Days, then What?658

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Quality over quantity, right?

Too much quantity will cause the quality of the content and the site to suffer, right?

If I put more good content on my site I will get better results, right?

The data says more content is better.
The data says more and better content is even better still.

Case Study for a Weight Loss MD

Context: This client is a local MD who specializes in helping his patients lose weight. It's a tough niche.

Strategy: Add more relevant content to his site

Pace: 3 articles/day for 10 days (I took the screen shot early on in the 10th day!)

Results: See for yourself in this image. Explanation following the image.

#1 - More organic traffic. Up 61.54% in just 10 days. And that is just traffic from Google search.

2 Rules of thumb in marketing

It is easier for people to find you than you to find them. More people came to the client's site by searching for him. He never left his office to find them. They found him.

When people come looking for you, they are better potential leads than when you go looking for them. Conversion is the next step for this MD. That discussion is beyond the scope of this article.
If you are interested, please follow me here at LinkedIn and I will post those results when we have more data.

#2. More new users. More eyeballs from more NEW people came to the site. That's good stuff.

Criticism: If you put more stuff on a web site, the quality will suffer. But ...

#3. Overall time on site - average session duration - is UP! More time on site = more opportunities to convert! Time on site is a clear indication of quality. Especially when the TOS is improving.

#4. More pages viewed per visit. Another clear indication that readers are liking what they find more than they used to.

#5. More new users overall - This screen shot doesn't reflect traffic from other search engines. Yes, there are other search engines besides Google. When a site is found, direct new users will also increase as well.

#6 Number of sessions is UP! - More people are coming to spend more time in more instances now.

The site will keep growing as long as we continue to add quality content.

If you are interested, please follow me here at LinkedIn and I will post those results when we have more data.


Quantity is more important than quality? Hooey.
Quantity at the sake of quality? Never.
Quantity and quality? Your best bet for excellent results.

The proof is in the analytics.
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What is the time span of your data? I am having trouble seeing chart correctly.
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The title says 30 posts in 10 days.

Happened this month.
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