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If You Could Speak to a Room Full of ...795

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people. Who would you want in the room?

Speaking is the best way to get new clients ... provided you have people in the room. Getting interested people in a room is a whole new discussion.

I am on the docket to speak in Johannesburg the end of this month ... in San Francisco in August, in Miami Beach after that.

Joburg and SF will have a room full of event organizers looking for speakers and help filling up their events (both of which I can do). I'll take those rooms. 8-)

Who do you want in your audience?
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I will also take a room full of business owners with a vision and a budget, too!

Gosh I'll even take people who have a budget but don't know what to do. 8-)

The group I don't like is the one where every one wants something for nothing. No time investment, no effort expended and no money.
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