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What's the Best Webinar Software to Use?835

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What do you use for webinar software?


Anymeeting = baby GTW.

Google Hangouts ...

@Steve turned me on to Runclick which I think @Rev told him about.

Who does what with what and gets what result?

I want to integrate a webinar series with my Meetups as a content marketing strategy and am looking for the best way to do this.
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I did mention Runclick in one of the Hangouts. It is a great way to integrate Hangouts into WordPress and do the whole landing page, optin, countdown, email thing that goes with most paid webinar services, but with an affordable one-time purchase.

Hangouts would be my first choice (with Runclick) for webinars.

Skype group calls is also useful. is an interesting service worth a look if you don't like Hangouts for some reason.
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Each platform has its place..

Hangouts leverages the Google - YouTube relationship
but as we've seen it has buggy connection but free is free
(included here are various Hangout integrators like Runclick, Easywebinar, etc) and limited to 10 participants but almost unlimited viewers via YouTube streaming

GotoWebinar is definitely the industry standard and 600 lb gorilla. But it's not cheap as we know - still, nothing else comes close when you're dealing with thousands of participants

As mentioned, Anymeeting is for lighter use as well as - both are also a bit more intuitive

So, I'd say it mostly depends on personal needs, and needs change over time, of course.
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@jycmba @Rev

I used GoToWebinar for a couple of years... then it got buggy on me and ALWAYS crapped out on me at the most inopportune times.

I finally gave them up.
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@Belew (and others)

I've never really liked GoToWebinar. I don't know why. I don't know if it is technical or just some personal comfort issue, but I tried using it myself once and did not go back. I've never really enjoyed webinars presented by others using it either.

This is not a good metric for others to support their choice. Just passing along my feelings on it.
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I never use those. I only use it to attend webinar.
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