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Who Do You Follow in Social Media?849

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There are a lot of good sources of content, information, training, and just interesting stuff, out there to take advantage of. There are great blogs and enlightening Twitter feeds. There are excellent videos, podcasts, ebooks and print.

It is my considered opinion that anyone who wants to be successful (at anything) should be reading regularly -- at least one good ebook and several blog post weekly and 10 to 12 full size books a year minimum. Videos and podcasts can supplement reading with another input stream.

But there are so many sources, both good and bad. How do you pick? How to you select the good and avoid the bad? And how many?

Who do you follow and why?
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This is a great question @Rev.

I hope you and many others will weigh in.

Online, I follow the research of MarketingProfs

and Newscred.

I subscribe to a few newsletters from China, that probably aren't relevant here but are to me.

I am a terribly slow reader but I will do 10-12 books in a year's time. I like to read historical non-fiction books ... of people who did incredible things - The Pixar Touch, Creativity, You Can't Make This Up, Stuff by Ricky Reilly, The Great Bridge, The Disney Wars ...

I get honest to good stimulation here in this forum.

I do a lot of speaking so I meet speakers who do different things in different niches for different reasons for the benefit of different people. That's also very stimulating.

How about you @Rev?
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Funny that it's the two old guys who realize that we still need to follow/read/learn.

Most people think that when they are our age they should be followed/read/learned... from, eh?

Or maybe many don't want anyone to know where they are getting their 'secrets.'
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Sorry I haven't gotten back to this thread. I was waiting to see if anyone else would post first. Sometimes I think those perceived to be "gurus" tend to scare others away. It shouldn't be that way, of course, because I know how you, Steve, myself, and others here really enjoy sharing and I am honored to have been invited to sit at the table.

As you know I am less interested in numbers and stats than some others here. These can serve their purpose but I find they are often so misused, and misrepresented, as to be less valuable than they might be. I find too many people paying homage to them to the exclusion of most else, and to their own detriment. I prefer my own research and analysis.

Current "real time" sources I follow include Brendon Burchard, Cathy Demers, Eben Pagan, Bill Barens and a handful of others. I check out a half dozen or more new ones each month but few make it to my "regulars" list.

I track a few social media sources including facebook topical discussion groups and other more technical groups with a focus on WordPress and Kindle.

I subscribe to a number of mailing lists including Brian Tracy, Bill Meyers, Troy Dean, Marketo, HubSpot and a few others. Sometimes it's because of the great material they deliver. Sometimes it is to see what the competition is doing. Included in these are a handful of podcasters.

I am active in a small number of forums, including this one, which is one of my favorites. For those who may feel a little "junior" here, know that you are in good company and we should explore the important distinction between "intelligence" and "knowledge" in another thread sometime.

A few authors I wouldn't turn down include Rich Devos, Alvin Toffler, Seth Godin, Charles Paul Conn, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, and classics like Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and Arther Schopenhauer. I have over 3500 books currently on my Kindle waiting for the proverbial "round tuit". As I have sometimes said, at sixty-something that is either unbridled optimism or supreme arrogance.

As well as online presence, Internet marketing (in the broader sense, including content and in-bound marketing), and web development, my keen interests include philosophy, quantum-physics, meta-physics, and spiritualism in no particular order.
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That's a long list.

I am too bent on reinventing the wheel. It doesn't matter to me so much who has done what. Even when I know, I am likely to ignore them and do my own thing my own way.

I have had this aversion to being like others, doing/following the norm since way way back when.

I choose the 'road less traveled'... no matter what. I'd rather fail and learn something that didn't work than be like everyone else. I just do NOT want to be like everyone else ... no matter how successful they are.
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I have been following a few websites. Bill's, social media and marketing websites such as Jeff Walker, Eben Pagan, Seth Godin, social Media Examiner and many others. Oh. I can not breathe. Too much information. These almost take up much of my time. The free downloaded eBooks haven't been read yet. I feel so guilty. So I haven't been reading a hardcopy book. Now, I am reading a book 'The presentation of self'
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Try this:

Create a folder on your computer called "PDFs" or "eBooks" or whatever works for you, and put all your downloaded readables into it.

Create another folder called "Read Me Next" and put one of those ebooks into it. Find time to read it when you can and when you are done, move it to a third folder called "Finished" - or delete it if it isn't worth keeping.

Add another ebook from the first folder to the "Read Me Next" folder and repeat.

For your print books, DO NOT put them all in front of you -- on a shelf or in a stack. That just adds to the overwhelm. Put them on a shelf (or stack) in another room. Pick one book. Keep it near you. By your computer, by where you relax, by your bed -- what ever works for you, and even move it with you to all those places.

Read a little bit as you have time.

When you done, move the completed book to a special shelf -- this one can be in front of you at your computer -- where your "I accomplished that" books go.

Get the next book and repeat.

Work with this every day. It will take a little while to become habitual -- about 28 days -- and then you will find yourself reading more books than you thought possible. Nice.
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@Rev Thanks.

I have created the folders earlier. Now, I realize my mistakes to pile my books in front of me. No wonder I get overwhelmed.

Glad for your explanation.
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There is an old saying about any journey begins with the first step. True. But it also extends that any journey is completed one step at a time.
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I have commenced the first step. Now
1. I am overwhelmed with the pile of books
2. confused at the next step
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I had a friend tell me that my problem was I am always wanting to reinvent the wheel.

He also said that what he likes about me is my willingness to think/be/act way outside the box.

I haven't figured out when I should do what works and when I should do what I want even it's different.

How can anyone decide when reinventing the wheel is a better way or not?
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Remember the Moto flip phone? Compact, barely larger than a book of matches. Loved it. Fit so nicely in my pocket. Had camera, audio, video, internet, email, etc. Then along comes the iPhone. Much more than reinventing just as the early mobile phone was more than reinventing.

Does it make more sense to think disruption?
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Wow! Can we say synchronicity? I just sent you a link in another thread to Brendon Burchard's Total Product Blueprint introductory videos.

I also think you have read my Wiz's Ten Steps To Staying Focused On Your Objectives ebook. If not, here's a free PDF and MOBI copy for you (and anyone else who wants it)...


In that book I mention changing direction in my life and career just as I was turning 60. The catalyst for that change -- or at least the final decision to do so -- was that particular Burchard video series.

I had been at exactly the point you seem to be at, knowing I needed something besides my direct time-for-dollars involvement in the business process I was in, wondering about writing a book or creating a product, and trying to rationalize the process of thinking outside the box while not always reinventing a wheel that was perfectly good enough already.

Previous to that point I built websites -- good websites -- for about 18 years. I knew just about everything there was to know about the process and I could pretty much build them in my sleep. I obviously wanted more.

Today, I mentor individuals, and guide groups, into bringing their own change into focus. Sometimes I'm just a sounding board. Sometimes I provide the motivation. And sometimes I provide the foundational information. The individuals I work with, however, must put legs to it or nothing comes of it.

When I saw Brendon's videos, I said to myself -- or maybe it was actually out loud; it was one of those Eureeka! kind of moments after all -- "I already know this stuff! I can do that without his program!" and I did. I had my first book out within three weeks. I haven't stopped moving forward since.

You seem to be at a similar point. You're good at what you do. You have a market. You have a product. You just need to re-think packaging and presentation (not delivery).

Perhaps you need that sounding board, guide, or mentor. Is there someone in your life who already provides, or can provide, that kind of think for you. They need to take the time to understand you -- who you are, what you offer, where you are going -- and they need to help you extend your reach by stretching you. If so, get with them and grow.

Go for it!
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In the Share a Favorite Quote Thread ... there is one from Henry Ford ... If I had asked people what they wanted they would have said, "Give us a faster horse."

It's still a tough call to know when to be disruptive and to know when to NOT struggle with reinvention.

BTW.... George Z and I will be at this Mastermind group tomorrow AM ... hear you.
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Get out of my head! 8-)

I could have written your last thread. It is exactly where I am at and the thought processes I am going through.

Adding to what I have already said ... my wife had a chance meeting with a high school classmate this past week. They had not met nor stayed in touch for 30 years. (Please don't do the math, my wife will know that you know about how old she is.)

Her HS friend never went to college. But he is head and shoulders "richer than all of us" my wife said. He has bought 3 houses... one here in Silicon Valley, one in SoCal and one in Timbuktu (I don't know) ... all sight unseen.

The short is ... he has made his money selling training courses online. He wants to package me and my (non-existent) training course to his Chinese network.

Is this yet another reason for me to create something? Indeed it is.

My problem - no. There is no one I trust, no sounding board ... nearby. There might be, but I am so stinking stubborn that I don't listen.

That's a huge hump I need to get over ... and soon.

I have already sent my wife's HS friend my bio ... in Chinese.

He now wants to see a course outline - in Chinese. My wife is translating that this afternoon.

Next step is to have the course. I am motivated.

But still have much work to do ... and clarity to find.
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Completely off topic (my mind works that way!) This isn't "for" or "about" you, just something that stood out in your post above.

I am really miffed when I see wannabe professionals, in any field, who won't take the time or the interest to learn to use words correctly. Are they stupid? No. Are they lazy? Probably. Do they lack real professionalism? Almost certainly!

While we all make typos from time to time, the regular misuse of common words is without excuse. The one that grabs my attention the most is the misuse of "advice" and "advise". If in doubt, look it up.

In your post, the phrase "all sight unseen" -- used correctly -- is the first instance I have ever noticed where both "sight" and "site" could be used interchangeably while still being correct. ;o)
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As for getting out of your head... I tend to do that. A friend regularly calls me "perspicacious" -- I had to look it up too, and was glad to find it has nothing to do with sweating!

I'll try to be less invasive in future.
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That could be a fun thread ... dumb mistakes we make when writing.

I usually get things right ... but not always.

There's a difference between not knowing and typos.

Eye due no their r know raisins to bee stoopid on porpoise.
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Invading is fine with me. I have met few people who 'get' me. Very few. Very very few.

Okay, I haven't met anyone. And you scare me.

Where again in the pancake state do you live?
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Look at a map of the continental U.S.A. and put your finger right in the middle. That's us. In fact, Great Bend is considered to be the actual continental center and we are about 40 minutes drive south-east of there; Hutchinson.

I'm not from here. Just hangin' my hat, as they say locally. Met a girl and decided to stay fer a spell. Might go home some day. Might not.
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Think, how far left of center can you get and still be in the continental US and put your finger there.

That's where I live. Berkeley, CA was where the hippie movement started. The hippies got old and moved to Santa Cruz, CA. I live right between the 2 of them.. 40 minutes drive to either but in different directions.

I decided to hang my hat ... but it cost too much to buy the space for the hat rack. I met a girl and decided to stay. She'll probably outlive me so I am here for the duration.
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Still looking for that one or few person to check in with on a regular basis.

Who did you wake up and check on with first thing this morning? Really or virtually?
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I "check in" with the LORD God by reading the Bible every day. I usually start with Psalms, then maybe to Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.).

On social media, I check in with my family, and several Christian pastors, eg Chuck Swindoll, Lysa Terquerst.

I have several teacher friends, and sometimes they post things on facebook about "grammar police". I try to keep up with good grammar.
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@Belew I got carried away, now deleted the post. Thanks.
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Sorry to point this out ... but this isn't the right place.

Content marketing is the topic of the forum.

Thanks for understanding.
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Now I often check in with my business partner.
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