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9millionairess private msg quote post Address this user
Can people read and comment on the blogs that I have written?
Do I need to do something else to let people know Service Connection Biz exist?
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Belew private msg quote post Address this user

You have taken a big step here to let people know.

the next big step is to add more content.

Each time you add a blog post the search engines will come...

Each time your content is indexed you climb a little higher.

just stay with it.
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Rev private msg quote post Address this user
Since you have created a website and not just a blog, I would suggest a fixed home page that introduces your site. Move the blog to an internal page.

Also, provide snippets, not whole posts, on the blog index page.

Put your snippet (first paragraph) first on the page before any images or videos. Consider using featured images if your theme supports them as thumbnails beside the snippets on the blog index page.

Eben Pagan provides an interesting analysis of 37 websites that offers so excellent advice. It's worth the 50 minutes or so to watch.

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Steve private msg quote post Address this user
You're not going to like this, but perception is everything and when I look at your website I'm not getting any triggers to make me want to read or do anything except leave this website as fast as I can.

content marketing is more than just producing bucket loads of content, it's highly competitive with everyone fighting for an audience ...

So ensure you are giving your audience the perception of you and you business that you want, then back this up with loads and loads of content ...
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tienny private msg quote post Address this user
Why not make your about page as the home page? Will this help?
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Rev private msg quote post Address this user
Putting your blog on the home page is often done. Putting the about information on the home page is also done. However, neither is the best way.

A typical website starts with five basic pages:

Home - an introduction, overview, designed to attract and hold. See the Eben Pagan video in my earlier post.

About - greater depth about the product/service, the company and the people involved.

Blog - best way to add regular, new, authoritative content.

Sales - product/service details, offers, catalog, etc.

Contact - how to get hold of you (make it as easy as possible).

Now, that is just a framework and there are lots of additions and extensions possible. It isn't cast in stone either. There are workable variations but let your thinking start there and you won't go far wrong.

Ask yourself what your website is to accomplish. If it is to be a stunning piece of art, that's fine. Don't bother worrying about navigation, message, or optimization. But if your site is to deliver content, market a product or service, or otherwise engage your visitors/prospects/clients, then make it easy, familiar, and comfortable for them; leave "pretty" to someone else.
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Belew private msg quote post Address this user
What @Rev says.

Echoing this... readers here should not underestimate the advice given here.

Too many people spend too much time doing too much of the wrong thing.

@Rev makes it clear here where to start.
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Steve private msg quote post Address this user
What @Rev says ... but once you understand the rules, then you can break them ...
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Rev private msg quote post Address this user
Consider how many people -- millions, in fact -- start out wanting to be the next top basket ball start, best Indy car driver, greatest movie actor, or any other exciting career choice you can name.

Now consider just how few Lebron James, A.J. Foyts, or Marlon Brandos there actually are, not only at any one time, but throughout the yeats, accumulatively. How many just don't make it?

Why is that? Ask the successful and they will gladly tell you what you should be doing to get there; what they did. Most people don't make it because they just aren't willing to pay their dues. They want it all, now. They want a quick fix, an easier root, they want the hidden secret to get there without the work.

There is so much good information and advice shared in this group it should be a post-grad master course. If you aren't listening, we can't help.

But if you're just not getting it, that's okay. What you need to do is just ASK more questions. Someone will let you in on the real secret.
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Belew private msg quote post Address this user

Paul Newman (one of the greats) said, "I have made more money off of my salad dressings than I did acting."
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