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LinkedIn Masters Wanted: Apply Within889

lunar_ranger private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you for coming in. You even wore a white shirt and tie, fantastic.

OK, first question: Yes, we don't offer maternity leave but we do have half priced drinks after 5pm- it makes the remaining 7 hours of your shift so much easier. OK, first question: How do you socialize a b2b LinkedIn page when you're not 100% sure of where your big brand, purchase minded people are hiding out? Two: No bathrooms are for paying customers only. Two: What do you feel is the right blend of social posting; visual to text, promotional vs. thought-leadership (our competition have created pretty crappy models to emulate and we're leading them, but can't help but having the sinking feeling that not enough is being done)? Three: We're willing to look the other way of your fugitive pigeon breeding conviction if you can answer the 3rd question: Do you see the value in creating buyer personas to socialize into LinkedIn groups, or focus first on developing a company voice and continuing to increase engagement there (We're ahead of our competition- but engagement is around 1% of total impressions.)?
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Belew private msg quote post Address this user

That's a lot if questions in one thread.

hmmm... on LinkedIn I don't do the buyer persona thing.

I use LI as a platform. If I do my job right representing myself and the service I bring.... Ppl will come looking for me....not me for them.
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lunar_ranger private msg quote post Address this user
@Belew Sorry, too many questions-it just kinda rolled and would be better suited to a few different threads. I always thought that the buyer persona seemed disingenuous. We're always searching for the next hot lead and since we're using it as a prospecting tool (not a relationship amplifier)we're turning stones to find where they're hiding (searching, segmenting by title, industry- posting content to the groups they have affiliated with)...but where did they go? It seems logical that they would turn up... the numbers seem to be there, they just don't seem to care.
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Steve private msg quote post Address this user
@lunar_ranger do you seek out connections?

I see lots of people using the search features to find people that meet your buyer persona types ... and they you try and connect and close ... this after all is what most LinkedIn experts teach people ...

Isn't that more inline with Outbound marketing?

Wouldn't it be great to use LinkedIn to build those relationships that inbound marketing builds and allow your customers to find you ...
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lunar_ranger private msg quote post Address this user
@Steve We have a sizable content library on-site, the content is decent, ever expanding, but very niche (brands seeking marketing automation software, etc)- this and a few site redesigns, deployments, UX improvements, etc IS our in-bound play.

Outbound: email marketing- promoting gated and ungated materials, trade publications, pr stuff. Social has recently been pursued as a means of identifying MQL. We listen to deploy what the experts define as best practices, but it feels like were playing in the shallow end of a potentially olympic sized pool.

Traditional: Trade shows, network referrals, etc.

It would be fantastic if we could use it just for relationship building but right now it needs to be a lot more.
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Steve private msg quote post Address this user
Let me put it another way ... I use inbound on LinkedIn and I generate 3-10 leads a month, sometimes more and never less ...

Now that is based purely on relationships ... and not on annoying people with sales inmails, phone calls or anything...

Are your Outbound tactics delivering that sort of rate on LinkedIn ...

Next thing you'll be saying your a Hubspot reseller ... they all seem to love this Outbound stuff ...

Just my opinion of course ... and what do I know, not a lot at times, it seems...
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lunar_ranger private msg quote post Address this user
@Steve Nope. I guess in some areas we could be in competition with Hubspot- I kinda like them. We get those warm fuzzy leads coming in from other directions, but LinkedIn falls in that gray area of having potential (it probably helps cement things a bit during client discovery...only after the conversation has been initiated) but not being that lead qualifying and generating machine we dreamed it could be. I got the Hubspot certification thing because I was bored for a couple hours one morning, still interesting stuff. I am an in-bounder damn it . We haven't done any of that cold in-mail business, just using it to communicate to people who use that and email for communications.
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Belew private msg quote post Address this user
@lunar_ranger @Steve

Hubspot does good research and shares generously.

I tried outbound on LI (don't tell aanyone) and it doesn't work. Tell everyone.

Do good work. Have something good to offer. Build good relationships. Share what you know. And your clients will hire you to help them implement it. If they don't hire you they weren't going to anyway.
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