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The Power of 4 Things on Your To Do List904

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I have a friend who swears by the power of having just 4 things on your to do list.

Any more than that and your likely to lose your productivity.

Too many people would rather have a long list of things to do = they are important.

4 things says my friend.

What are the 4 things on your list today?
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Tashagabrielle private msg quote post Address this user
1) Write some more of When Pigs Attack

2) Work on my WordPress

3) Ask my illustrator, A.T. Schmit, when I can be expecting that email filled with attachments which can then be used for marketing purposes as well as set up a date for our next meeting.

4) Attend the Twitter Masterclass
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Belew private msg quote post Address this user
What are you doing on your WordPress?
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Tashagabrielle private msg quote post Address this user
Putting up at least one more update for When Pigs Attack and hopefully fill it with some of the "rough" illustrations as well as logo which is almost completed. I may also create a few posts which would include some quotes from the book up to this point in time. Nothing is finalized as of yet but I figured that it would be a good idea and one way to generate interest especially because my WordPress is linked to my Facebook and Twitter account.
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Rev private msg quote post Address this user
1) Complete graphic updates on Theresa's poetry book.

2) Format third book in Barbara's trilogy.

3) Work with members of Noboxatall session.

4) Continue development of new membership website.
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tienny private msg quote post Address this user
@Belew Thanks for the focus point

1) Simplify Illustrated toddler's eyes for my children's book
2) Edit photograph for my upcoming book.
3) Write down the animation script for my children's book.
4) Asking more parents to fill in survey for market research.
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SunilBhaskaran private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Bill,

Making the assumption that the friend you mentioned is me :-)

It is actually 4 objectives.. not actions.. we want to focus on results and things that get done...

e.g. Instead of 'Making 5 sales calls'
(action oriented)

'Get at least 5 appointments'

See... if you get 5 appointments, you are more likely to be satisfied than if you just made 5 sales calls.

Putting the objectives down gets your brain (100 billion neurons!!) working towards figuring out how to make the outcome happen rather than you doing all that work (action) only.

Hope that makes sense. It works.. ask Sharla Jacobs one of my first clients... she makes millions today using those basic principles.
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SunilBhaskaran private msg quote post Address this user
This is where most people slip up in their business or projects. They spend a lot of time on actions... rather than on going with FULL VIGOR for the outcomes.

So if you focus and be clear on the outcomes you want to produce, then you could get those outcomes fast i.e. in a shorter period of time.. than if you just focused on the actions.

So if you were to observe me for example, you would see me spending a bit of time in the morning figuring out my objectives (max. of four top priority ones).
Then I put my egg timer on - and aim to get each outcome done AS FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, because I really love my wife and my free time.. and I want to get to that as quickly as I can!!! :-). I also have very strong accountability from coaches and a team. VERY SOLID no kidding kind of accountability which is professionally mature and not about right/wrong.

Most of the trick is in training your mind to
a. pick good outcomes that are worthy and realistic (most of my clients - this takes at least 3 to 6 months of re-training)
b. train your mind to focus on getting those objectives done in set blocks of time that are realistic and do not cause too much stress.
c. train your mind to ignore certain distractions and pay attention to only high priority or urgent distractions.

This is why Bill and I are working together to help content marketers and business people - the most challenging and painful aspects are in doing the above.

But if you don't conquer these habits above, then you will be
a. spinning your wheels
b. burnt out
c. lack any decent level of satisfaction that you are indeed entitled to as an entrepreneur who takes risks
d. probably train your team in doing the same wheel spinning
e. keep going year to year with low or average results not being able to breakthrough the ceiling to the other side of business where you become influential and build a solid following.

We explain a lot more on our webinars: Bill and I: optin here:
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Belew private msg quote post Address this user

Yes. You are that friend.
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