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WeChat is China's Twitter, um, Facebook, um.959

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WeChat is it's own social networking thingamabob.

It's different. It's the same.

It's uniquely Chinese. And it has 550 million users!

This infographic is more info than graphic. Lots of words, lots to digest. Not so visual ... but it has much to say about this uniquely Chinese social network. (I am speaking in China again later this year ... hence the interest.)

There are a few members in the forum from mainland China as well.

And, as if I didn't have enough social networks to maintain, I stay in touch with students and clients on WeChat. 8-)

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Speaking of China...

Social Networks are being blamed for China's rising divorce rates!

Is that what's wrong with the US and Japan and Russia and ???

We have been on the social networks longer?
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@Belew I downloaded WeChat sometime ago and have never used it (forgot that I had it until a week ago- when I deleted it). Is it censored or monitored by the PRC central government?

About the divorce statistics... looks like its either causing a bigger mess or "solving" some problems here in China and the US:
Facebook has Become a Leading Cause in Divorce Cases
Social networking linked to divorce, marital unhappiness

I am not a sociologist, but it seems the more connected people are the greater opportunity and threat there is to the marriage as social and romantic alternatives present themselves. That and increased economic security and opportunities are dissolving relationships/bonds that we're based entirely around economics during their inception to perpetuation. I think the whole "no money, no honey" time is wrapping up cause "yo honey now has mo' money".
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One of the most popular activities on Facebook is - Retrosex.

Hooking up with old flames.

No wonder ...
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I have been in regular contact since March with a fellow who attended my seminar when I was in Shanghai. ... on Wechat.

Turns out I may be going to Beijing in November to conduct more training at the multinational where he works as head of PR in China.

There are so many ways to stay in touch. Who knows which one will work for whom and when?
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