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Normally I go into activities with full conviction on best practices.

These days, I have come to realize that if there were one right way to do something everybody would do that something the same way.

They don't. So, there ain't.

I am going to experiment with ad spaces here at the forum and in the notifications. By now, you see a bit of what I mean.

Hopefully, it will be members reaching out to other members. And I will never have to reach out to outside folks wanting to reach in. We'll see.

I now know how many notifications - like this one - go out each month.

Better yet, I know how many of these notifications actually get opened! That's worth knowing to me.

And if you think you are reaching just the forum members, then you don't get it.

@Steve has almost 240,000 Twitter followers.
@Rev has over 50,000 real Facebook members in groups (WordPress, Kindle Publishers ...) he owns.
@sunilbhaskaran has 37,000 real people (business owners of ALL sizes, marketers ...) signed up to meet him F2F locally in Silicon Valley and 70,000 real people throughout the country.
@SusanDay has 45,000+ Twitter followers and creates content for clients that have several 1,000 members in their forums who have reach ...

And so on ...

If your idea catches on with one or more of them, well then ...

If you want reach ... it's here. If you can't attract these folks in the forum who know marketing, then you need to go back to the drawing board.

Pitch me via the inmail function here and I'll let you know the costs and whether I think your idea is worth trying to our forum members considering the demographics here. Yeah, I know that, too.

What is your idea worth?
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Great Bill. The more collaborations the better.
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@SunilBhaskaran I agree.

I saw the ads in the email notifications just now.

They look good and don't distract from the content.

It so simple, and there are so many people to reach.

Great idea.
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Originally Posted by SusanDay
so many people to reach.

I have the actual reach numbers. Not the potential reach. Well, I have that, too.

I am fixing to charge by the opens. I can't guarantee sales or click thrus ... but I will guarantee looks. That's fair, isn't it?
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Opens is a good way to charge. That at least suggests eyes.
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