Who Does Long-form Publishing on LinkedIn?2700

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I know of a few people who do, or did, long-form publishing on LinkedIn?

If I don't know that you do, would you please let me know?

I met one of the lead data scientists at LinkedIn yesterday, purely by chance ... he's the father of a friend of my daughter.

I explained to him how several of use here did long-form publishing with original to us content. Then one day it just dropped off precipitously.

He was befuddled. And wants to invite me to LI HQ to meet with their editorial team.

I'd like to take a few other profiles with me other than the ones I know of.

Got experience with LinkedIn?

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I don't use LinkedIn much though I have been considering it more lately. I posted one (sort of) long-form article and it has 85 views. I suppose I should revisit the platform.

@Belew, I am interested in hearing outcomes of you visit!
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Bill, I've published 3 items via Linkedin. The longest article I used Quuu Promote to amplify. It has @7- views/10 shares.
Here's my profile:

Wasn't there a rumor in the last year or so that Linkedin was dropping Pulse? I remember when that was the buzz, lots of people began talking about publishing on Medium instead.
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As to know @Belew i''ve over three hundred long form posts on LinkedIn... it used ti be great... just not worth it nowadays.
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