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I use WordPress and the basic Yoast plugin. After writing a post, it asks if I want to make the post a "Cornerstone" post. I never shoose that option. I know that cornerstones need to be extremely well written (unlike the usual 300 to 600 word daily posts) and have some in-depth aspects included (alot of graphics / charts / images) and emphasize things important to one's own discipline or function....ultimately summing up to 10,000 words.
Although some are saying 3,000 words is also acceptable. Overall, I've been contemplating a cornerstone but wanted to know who on this forum has written one for their site and can you share or PM the link? It would be good seeing an example and some initial feedback/thoughts on this subject.
Additional question: CUSTOM KNOWLEDGE BASE. Has anyone experience in that aspect of site development and / or blogging? Wordpress offers plugins for developing a CKB however, has anyone here developed one for their site? Again, can you share or PM? The web stuff gets more confusing as I muddle through!
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I work with a company that is building out a huge CKB. For that particular company, the information takes the form of a dictionary of terms and a question and answer section. This is complemented by articles on individual topics. An example of a smaller CKB would be a FAQ section for your blog or website.

Labeling something as cornerstone content for Yoast simply tells the app that you want to highlight that piece. Articles marked as cornerstone will appear in your internal advisories as an article that should have internal links. Most of the recommendations for how to craft cornerstone content are drawn from the fact that 1) you want it to be noticed in search and thus, it needs to be optimized; and 2) it is sometimes a longer piece, and you want to enhance its readability.

My only blog article on my site would be my cornerstone piece. ( But, it is only around 1200 words long. I recently did another piece of a similar length that could also serve as a cornerstone post.

Because my body of work is small as is my website, I don't need a 10k cornerstone. The company I mentioned above, aims for a minimum of 1000 words for its article and posts pieces that are up to 3000 words. The definitions and short answers are usually closer to the 500 word range.
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@TParker much appreciated! I think I am understanding this a bit more. So let's assume that if my site has roughly 9,000 pages throughout + roughly 5,000 images (and it's those 5,000 images with tags that make up alot of the 9,000 separate pages)....should I write my cornerstone for over 1,000 words? I assume even more because I could interlink alot of blog posts (with greater emphasis on certain topics pertaining to my discipline) within that cornerstone and possibly link parts of my cornerstone to actual category pages within the site etc.

I was thinking writing the piece in MSWord, on a gradual basis....a few hundred words one day, a few hundred the next and so a week, look at it and then edit it.

Of course, add more writing and when I feel it's ready, copy the text into Notepad, paste into a blog post page and highlight it as my cornerstone? Of course, add images throughout etc.
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Why not write it in WordPress. Add a "To Be Continued..." on the end of the first day's work and publish it. Then go back and add to it as you can. Get it working for you in Google right from the start and Google will "love" the updates.

Why is everyone so shy about their work?

"I can't open my site to the public (and search engines) until it is perfect!"

"I can't post an article until I have every word thought out completely!"

"I can't let search engines see it until it is fully optimized!"

"I can't {fill in your own excuse here}!"

I can't, I can't, I can't! How about a little "I can!" Get your site open NOW! Don't worry about how it looks. Get your stuff out there NOW! If you get back to update it, good. If not, that's fine too. Use the time to write more. Learn as you go. Grow as you learn.

You'll do far better than those who wait and you'll do it sooner!
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@Rev I see your points here. Point well taken....some of us think in incremental terms though. We like to make sure something is ready and good-to-go. But yes, I see this point you're making. Thank you. Now, if I work on my muffler and have it hanging up by a small strap, I'll take it across the state to visit a friend. When I get there, I'll take the strap off and mount it more securely using brackets and hangers and after my visit with the friend, travel back home and work on another part of the car needing mechanical fixing. No wait, I would rather fix the darn thing with the brackets and required hangers before I take that trip across the state to visit my friend. Well, maybe a web page is alot different. LOL?
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What @Rev said.
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@Rev...yes! It's a good tactic Rev....however, I feel I am already doing that with my daily blog posts...i.e. the 300 to 500 word mix in a "to be continued" page and going back to that while interjecting daily posts I try to write about in an understandable straight forward approach would add a bit more to the hectic pace I think.
I just want to approach things a little more "segmented" while also trying to maintain my online business and promote that stuff accordingly.
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Pixels are less likely to scrape on the road and make loud, annoying, noises, if their bracket breaks.
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@Rev OK OK you win Rev!
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